About SplitBackspace

The only site on the internet dedicated to split backspaces[1]. 😛

SplitBackspace.com is the personal site of Scott Watermasysk. I have blogged about software, business, and more on ScottW.com for many years. My keyboard-related posts and desire to write more about this hobby felt out of place on my other site, so I moved it all here.

I lurked in the shadows of the community for a couple of years. I could not convince myself to jump in. However, I gave it ago with a WASD Code for a variety of reasons and slowly started experimenting with other off-the-shelf mechanical keyboards. I made a mistake along the way of purchasing MX Blues for an ErgoDox EZ and started digging into various switches and got bit by the custom keyboard bug.

My primary keyboard use case is writing and coding.

The thing I enjoy most about this hobby is there are no absolutes. Almost everything (even the beloved split backspace) comes down to personal preference. You can listen to others' advice and experience, but you need to try it yourself.

For layouts, just about everything works for me except ergo. I will typically have something with arrows on my desk when I am coding and something without for regular computer usage. I try to switch between various boards every couple of days.

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram, but it is best to reach me by email if you have a question.

Long term, I would like to see more of the community creating content out of walled gardens like Reddit, Twitch, and especially Discord. You are 100% free to use the code that powers this site, but not the content. I am more than willing to help you get your own website up and running as well, just reach out.

  1. Just kidding, but if you want more, read, Should You Use Split Backspace. ↩ī¸Ž